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Having white immaculate ceilings fault free ceilings throughout your project is imperative. You cannot hide a defect caused by poor workmanship or sub-standard materials. The most common problems with ceilings are: sagging ceilings, screw pops, bad joints, cracked joints and cracks under the cornices which is accentuated if the wall plastering is weak. A ceiling is something you look at from every angle every day and it must be done right from the start. Our selected ceiling companies are some of the few “best” in the Perth metro area and strive to deliver quality whether it is for residential or commercial jobs as well as for repair jobs. They can also build decorative features like bulkheads, domes, ornate cornices, recessed ceilings and many more items which either you or your designer will suggest.


Insulation is definitely a prerequisite whether it is for a new home of for an addition/renovation. It will help your house keep cool in summer as well as keep the cold away in winter. Insulating your house to the most efficient specifications is cost effective in the long run. You not only save on power bills but you also make a small contribution in reducing global warning. Our insulation specialists will be able to advise you on the best and most cost saving options. Don’t leave it for “later on” because people tend to forget about it for a while or they just leave it at the bottom of a big pile of things to do and will miss out on the comfort and savings the right insulation will generate for them.

Wall Plastering

It is very important to choose the right plasterers to work on your project. The majority of people who are not implicated with the construction industry do not see the difference between a “standard job” and a “very good job”. Their eye sight is simply “not trained” to notice a difference. Once the walls have been plastered they look white and most people accept it as the norm. By then it is impossible to know if the right mixtures has been used and if that is the case, unfortunately defects start appearing a few weeks later. “Crazy cracks” is the most common one followed by cracks under the cornices throughout the house. At Local Reach Trade, only the top contractors have been selected to faithfully complete inside and outside wall finishes. They have a large selection of exterior decorative finishes you can choose from and can advise you on which is the most suitable to the style of your house, to the weather conditions and to your taste.


Is another very important part of the infrastructure of your project. If not done properly, lots of problems will appear later on as your project progresses. If a wall runs out of square, it shows up automatically when your tiler lays his tiles. If the walls are not plumb, that will show up as well next to a door frame, window frame or column. Exposed bricks show the defects straight away with the mortar joints having a roller coaster ride and the bricks not laid in a perfect systematic manner. You know what we mean, you have seen it at your friends’ house and you secretly feel sorry for them. Don’t let it happen to you, put your mind at rest and let us recommend to you our best available team of bricklayers.

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